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Eco Liner

Eco Liner

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In general, one sanitary napkin contains tons of plastic that can be used for make 4 plastic bags that take 100 years for plastic bags to decay. However, Aroundbody’s panty liner is made of paper and is eco-friendly than these products. Therefore, it doesn’t last long on Earth.

Aroundbody’s own technology has been applied so that even paper can absorb and waterproof secretions. Meet the special and sustainable technologies in person.


Regarding Safety
- FDA medical device level 1,2 approved
- SGS VOCs 58 categories undetected

- SIZE : Small (210mm)
- 1 pack : 28ea
- Made in Japan
- Lead time : 1 month


Free of

Fragrance, Radioactive substance, Phthalate, Formaldehyde, 57 types of VOCs, TVOC, and other toxic materials

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Customer Reviews

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Why you will love it

It doesn’t fold well even if you move, so it’s comfortable to wear.

Not harmful for the women’s womb as it is free of chemical substances and adhesive in each layer of the pad.

It is made of natural pulp and is eco-friendly.

Why you will love it

Honest Reaction

Use it daliy without worrying about environmental pollution.When I use menstrual cups, I have no choice but to use panty liners because I’m nervous about leaking especially in first few days. For my eco-friendly life, I decided to use eco-paper liner not usual liners. 

It is eco-friendly but also is good for your vaginal health becuase it has a comfortable fit with air permeability.

Even after the period, the remaining blood sometimes comes out little by little. It’s ambiguous to use sanitary pads or tampons at that time, then eco paper liners are the perfect alternative.