AB Lab Note


Finding a university research team to discuss material development. 


Confirmation of development cooperation with Kangwon National University research team. Expectations and excitement precede the start of research.


First application of gas grafting.


We decided to use gas grafting technology. When this technique is processed on paper, it is hydrophobic close to oil and has a waterproof function. At the same time, since it is made of 100% paper, it can rot and be released in water.

The first application failed.Residual hydrochloric acid was confirmed as a result of the test.

Let's continue to try not to allow any harmful ingredients to the body. 2nd, 3rd, maybe up to 147th try.

*The research team said they had never used new materials on sanitary pads. I felt once again that sanitary pads were completely excluded from R&D.*


First sample test.


There was a lack of waterproofness. It’s the most important problem. We’ll thoroughly verify it.

~Test process~
1. Pour a 10 ml solution into a sample and leave it for 1 minute.
2. Place 1 kg of weight on the sample for 3 minutes.
3. Make sure the solution leaks through the waterproof layer.

You should be able to use it with more confidence.


2nd sample test.


Samples with absorbents selected from among organic materials were tested.

The result is a failure.It absorbs well, but lacks water release.

It needs to be further developed to be suitable for flushing abilities.
There is a need for something more environmental and more human-friendly than the existing SAP.


Attempt to pack film. 


We are also discussing product packaging. We have reviewed several biodegradable corn starch films as candidates. All of them could not withstand heat above 80 degrees.

If the sanitary pad goes through the equator to the southern hemisphere, it must withstand more than 100 degrees. I want to give more women options. Find eco-friendly packaging materials that are stronger against heat.


The 3rd sample test.


The interlayer bonding failed. It was observed that the three floors were separated.The part related to the adhesive must be resolved.

Adhesive that can minimize the impact on the human body while not getting caught in the sewer due to the adhesive during the process of going to the purification tank. Glue that sticks to your underwear and falls off.

Water-soluble tape was also considered, but was excluded from the candidate due to the fact that the solid form must be maintained in the process. If you develop an adhesive with water dissociation properties developed.


Review of surface cover material.

Failed to select.

We found a water-repellent fabric made of bamboo. It was eco-friendly and strong, so we immediately went into review.

However, it lacked texture compared to the existing surface cover containing biocells.

We don't intend to give up the most basic part just because the function is good.Don't forget that it shouldn't be uncomfortable when it comes into contact with your skin.


4th sample test.


The strength test result was not good. It still has a low floor weight and weak tensile strength.It has to be stronger. So that it can withstand movement and pull after wearing it.


Biodegradable SAP discussion.

Failed to select a candidate.

The entire biodegradable SAP itself does not exist. What we have found is a form containing some vegetable ingredients, so we plan to dig further.


Visiting overseas factories.

Contract signed.

We found a factory to make a surface cover.


5th sample mass production.

Passed all standards of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Beyond the line